Random Dungeons!

Hello everyone! So this week, I didn’t work on anything other than Dungeon Raiders because our PokeCA servers were down and I just really wanted to work on it. So this week, I worked on the generation system, I finished the basics tho I will need tweak a few things (I’ll talk about this later).

So, first of all, by finishing the basics of the Dungeon generation, I mean, my dungeons are generating rooms randomly with somewhat random directions, tho those rooms are for now just filled areas. Thanks to Chris, I was really struggling at making the directions work, but he helped me and I really appreciate that! It generates the rooms based on a specific amount of rooms, and the door doesn’t generate at the top left corner anymore, now it tries to do a random position in the middle. Also, I changed the minimum size for a room from 4,5,4 to 5,5,5 simply because it was creating doors at corners. Anyways this is what a dungeon looks like now


So for next time, I’ll try to make the door system actually work, make the door be 2 blocks tall… I’ll also try to make the system check if the position the door is, is a corner from the original’s wall. Because we don’t want the player to get out of the dungeon. And lastly, I’ll try improving the Feature system, make each different feature have a different generation and sizes, and make them not spawn filled areas.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading!