New Generation and Stuff!

Hello, and welcome back for this week’s blog post. This week, I worked on different things, I made a small website with YouTube’s Data API v3, I also started working on a better world generation system and did a lot on PokeCA, which is releasing soon! Oh and one last thing, I started streaming for fun!

Video Of The Day

At the begining of the week, I decided I would work on one last project before coming back to Dungeon Raiders, I called it Video Of The Day. It’s basically a website that fetches the most popular new video on YouTube using YouTube’s Data API v3 and it’s Open Source on Github!


PokeCA image

For most of the week tho, I worked on Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst (PokeCA for short), it’s a Minecraft project in which I’ve been working on with the Phoenix Projects team for 2 years now and it’s coming soon! (December I think). Anyways, I am the shop guy, I basically make all the shop systems and some of the NPCs that you can talk to, and this week I decided I would do everything I could so that I didn’t have to worry about it for a while, and next week I can focus on DR!

Dungeon Raiders

And lastly, at the end of the week, I decided to work on Dungeon Raiders, and I felt like my Room and Generation system wasn’t very good, it was poorly written and was hard to modify and make it work well. As you can see here, there were gaps and the system just didn’t feel right. Bad Dungeon

So I decided to work on a new Dungeon Generator, and it’s starting of really good. I am following this wiki page which has one method of generating dungeons that I really liked so I decided why not try changing it. I made it on a separate branch so all my work from the old one is still here in case it doesn’t end up very good, tho it probably will be better.


So yeah, I decided that whenever I play with my friends and feel like it, I would livestream my gameplay on Twitch, here’s my channel if you want it. I don’t have any particular schedule, but expect some Dead By Daylight, Overwatch and maybe some Minecraft. Most of the time, it’s gonna be in French since I play with a French friend a lot, but I might sometimes make streams in English, I’ll see.

Anyways that’s it for today, thanks for reading this post! And hum……… NO COOKIE FOR YOU!