Minecon and Chatbot...

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s DevLog post! So thid week I worked a little bit on Dungeon Raiders, but mostly worked on a Chat Bot I am making using NodeJS/Express and a lot of JavaScript. And I also didn’t work a lot during the weekend since there was Minecon.

Dungeon Raiders

So for Dungeon Raiders, I fixed some small but important bugs, first of all, I fixed the bug where my rooms were able to generate with the door being in a corner, that wasn’t good since it was creating a gap where players could have fallen out of the map. Now I also found out that my system was only generating rooms in the North and South directions, I’ll have to look more into it. I’ll also try to work on my Door system, which I have been wanting to start for 2 weeks now.


This weekend (9/24-9/25), there was Minecon, which is a gigantic conference for Minecraft, I wasn’t able to go, but I watched a lot of the streams online. (Which kind of made me un-productive for about 2 days). Anyways, this Minecon was really awesome, I am loving the new 1.11 features and might try to make a survival adventure out of that. Since, I have to admit, I have never finished a survival game ever (by finished I mean killing the Ender Dragon). I played a bit of survival at first, but quickly moved towards servers and later to command blocks. But yeah, I’m really excited with what they’re bringing. Also new 1.10 addons!

Chat Bot

Lastly, I didn’t work a lot on Dungeon Raiders mostly because I was really interested in Google’s Allo, basically Google Now but in text messages. And I decided I would try making my own. And so this whole week I worked on that. My chat bot works, it’s using ExpressJS (Tho I couldn’t figure out whether or not it needed it since it seems to be doing everything in Clientside so I’ll have to look into force the client to make a request to a server). For now, it replies to greets, but the main thing is when you say “search Hello World”, it will open a new tab with a DuckDuckGo search for Hello World. I also implemented an open link option, where sending a link or “open [link]” will open that link in a new tab, but I don’t think it’s really useful since people already have the bar above to do that. Anyways, I am planning on making a “play” command where giving it a Soundcloud or YouTube link will call the API and play the video/music inside the website with an iframe. I’ll see what I can do since SoundCloud’s API is kinda weird to generate a client id. Anyways, here’s the GitHub link.

Anyways that’s it for this week’s blog post, thanks for reading and I’ll see you later. Bye!