Dungeon Raiders! First post!

Yeah! So I’m starting this new project (I already started but decided to start over because I didn;t like the style of the game).

Anyways, Dungeon Raiders is basically a Dungeon Crawler with procedurally generated levels that’s probably gonna be in isometric view. I am making it in Unity with C#. I have already planned some major features and gameplay elements but won’t say most of them until they are partially or completely made.

Currently I have the basic world and block system. My current system has 2 different blocks Air and Stone, they are generated (for now only making a big 10x10x10 cube) by a specific script to try things out.

I really struggled making the face culling system to improve performances! This system would basically remove a face if it was hidden by a block so I wouldn’t have to render it. While implementing it, I encountered this bug.

Face culling bug

But I was able to fix it thanks to Cristopher Smith @mechris13254

So yeah! The world now has tons of performance improvements! And it’s way better!

Awesome world!

Thank you for reading this devblog, it might have been a bit boring, so if you’ve read this through, here’s a cookie!